Behind the Lens: Hanging with an old Yuengling

What is it about Yuengling that captures the imagination of our tasteful beer photographers? Well, we’re not really sure. So, let’s just say that we appreciate experience–and Yuengling is really, really old. It’s one of the oldest beers in America. Not exaggerating.

But despite Yuengling’s age, this beer is no stuffed shirt—it’s a liquid-stuffed bottle, which is completely different. And this particular bottle is always up for just casually hanging out.

Old docks with minor flood damage? That’ll do!

Rustic barns with rotting planks? Um, yes, please.

Sit in a puddle of fetid rainwater inside a damaged cast iron fountain? Yuengling in there at the word fetid.

Despite coming from America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling isn’t necessarily well-known across the entire country. The beer is distributed to less than 20 states and only those that are east of the Mississippi River.

But despite its regional qualities, Yuengling has a big presence. Just take a sip and you’ll see what we mean. It kind of lingers on the palate far longer than one might be prepared for.

The trick to photographing a Yuengling is that you need to take it somewhere that is really, really old. Then just set it down and take the picture. That’s pretty much it.

Oh, one other thing. You may need to patiently explain, every five minutes, what a camera is and how that all works. This isn’t so much because Yuengling wants to get into photography—it’s a beer without arms or eyes, come on.

You just need to put Yuengling at ease. Kind of like some people need to put their stomachs at ease after having too many Yuenglings.

Anyways, when the light is just right, and the setting looks appropriately run-down and folksy, this is what we like to call Yuengling time.

Just remember that before you even realize it, your time with Yuengling will come to an end. We’re not saying you should savor it. You certainly can if you want. But, ultimately, we’re not comfortable encouraging that.

Thanks for coming out with us and hanging with our old Yuengling! We’ll have a full review up in the near future. And in the meantime, give a Yuengling a chance. If you want. No one will make a fuss if you don’t.