Behind the Lens: A Stag in the Wild

What do our tasteful beer photographers love most about Stag? Well, definitely not the taste, so it’s probably the adventurous spirit. When it comes to photo shoots on location, Stag is a true professional and always down for whatever.

Perch up in that tree? You got it, boss!

Stand on that precipitous cliff edge? Push me as close as you want!  

Keep working after dark? Well, I am a can of beer, lacking legs and free will, so gonna say sure!

Stag isn’t necessarily a mainstream name around the country, and that’s a real shame. Because Stag exudes a true natural beauty—the inside contents are so-so, at best—that communicates confidence, poise, and shiny-ness.

The trick to photographing a Stag is two-fold. First, you need the right light. Not too harsh, or the reflection can be overpowering, almost blinding. And not too soft, because you do want a bit of that Stag-esque shimmer. Sometimes, you just have to wait for the right moment. When it presents, Stag seems to instinctively know and be in just the right position. Working with Stag? It’s truly magical.

The second trick to working with a Stag is finding the right location. Stag is like a rough-and-tumble character dressed up for a night on the town. Part cowboy, part opera. It’s like a trophy head mounted on the wall that comes to life and reads your horoscope. Stag has a wild side, with a touch of class, so it needs a wild setting with a bit of order to it. Since it’s a Midwestern beer, we felt some river bluffs in the dead of winter were a perfect choice.

Sure, there are always some challenges with Stag. Long photoshoots are tough on what is actually just a relatively thin sheet of aluminum. With a body-type like Stag has, there will inevitably be little bumps and bruises along the way.  Little dings and imperfections. But, ultimately, that’s what makes Stag so special. It’s in no way a perfect beer—far, far, far, far, far, like gaggingly far, from it—but it is such a perfect subject in its own special ways.

Thanks for coming behind the scenes with us and Stag! Please keep an eye out for our full review in the near future. And in the meantime, give Stag a try. Or don’t. It’s not that big of a deal if you don’t.