Behind the Lens: A Good ‘Ol Can of Busch Beer

What is it that our tasteful beer photographers love the most about working with Busch beer?

Well, it’s definitely not the complexity. So, it’s gotta be how gosh-darn down to earth Busch is. And we mean that literally. You’re much more likely to find a can of Busch on the ground—either intact or crushed—than you are to find one at a fancier elevation, like, say, a table.

For that reason, the trick to photographing Busch seems to be taking it somewhere that’s both rural and outside. Then you just start shooting—and to be perfectly clear, by shooting, we mean with cameras, not bullets. But we see how people could make that mistake.

The best places for getting great images with Busch usually involve some combination of pine needles, poison ivy, and downed trees. Most importantly, you want these elements to be balanced. We’d love to say, “just like how Busch’s flavor is so well balanced,” but that doesn’t really apply here.

Once you’re in the right spot for a Busch, you will always know. It’s sort of like a sixth sense, the Busch sense—which coincidentally seems to have the effect of reducing all the other senses.

Ultimately, perhaps it’s these simplistic qualities that make Busch so adaptable to any outdoor activity that benefits from—some say, demands—light beer.

Casual jaunts through the forest? Busch always by your side!

Climbing random trees? Who needs two hands?

Hanging out in sketchy caves? Let a bright can of Busch be your guiding light!

A few daybreak hours of semi-tipsy hunting?  Well, it can’t hold a rifle (since it’s just a can of beer) but slip it into something camouflaged and so there!

Busch doesn’t necessarily have the best of reputations—but isn’t that really more a statement about humanity than it is about the beer? Okay, we guess it could also be the recipe. But to each their own, we say!

Well, thanks for going into the field with us and Busch. We’d love for the two of you to say goodbye, but we can’t recall where we left the can. We hear that’s pretty common with this stuff.

No worries! It’s out there somewhere. And, in the meantime, there will always be more good ‘ol Busch beers, just waiting for the right moment to jump out of the forest, or box, and surprise the daylights out of you. But not with its flavor, we just mean with its general presence.

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